The CANCOM Group has been achieving sustainable growth for 25 years. This is due to the sheer dedication of our employees to which we owe a special thanks. We offer interesting, varied job profiles in a forward-thinking technology company. Despite our size, we highly value the fair and respectful way our employees treat one another and the helpful working environment – as do our employees. The highest levels of flexibility allow us to solve the most complex client projects, whilst leaving enough room to develop our expertise and concentrate on what we stand for.

Our company values – what we stand for

Fairness and respect, independence, trust and performance.


The secret of our success is team work. We see it as crucial that our employees treat one another respectfully and fairly. Only then can their qualities come to full fruition, transcending across teams and departments and garnering best results. Our guiding principle says it all: Plan. Build. Perform. Together.


All of our employees are all different, both with respect to their preferences and working styles. For that reason we put a great emphasis on flexibility: if possible and feasible, our employees can create their own working hours. As such, the CANCOM Digital Workspace provides the technological gateway for our employees to work from anywhere, at any time and from any device.


We place a lot of trust in our employees, which is why we encourage an approach of an independent working. This is because we are convinced that smart and high-performing individuals need space for ideas and creativity. We are happy to see that the ability to work independently continues to prove its worth day in and day out. This lets all our employees to fully develop their individual potentials.


As part of the ongoing digitalization, we develop new and innovative IT solutions for our clients every day and assist them on their journey into their respective digital future. This presents us with countless exciting projects that constantly pose new challenges and let us think outside the box. Working at CANCOM definitely never gets boring!


We want our employees to treat one another fairly and respectfully and are dedicated to making sure that they feel comfortable within their jobs. After all, it is the office or customers’ sites where our employees spend most of their time. It goes without saying that all employees work with state-of-the-art equipment. Many of our employees have been with us for many years because of these feel-good factors.

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